Cloud Strife: Cutscene Superhero, Playable Wimp

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(This article may contain spoilers for Final Fantasy VII Remake)

Some superheroes are always ‘super’. Superman is one such example. He always has his powers, whether he is the Man of Steel or he is in his guise of Clark Kent. He just (mostly) chooses not to use his powers in his human disguise.

Other superheroes are only ‘super’ some of the time. Bruce Banner is no stronger than your average guy; it’s only when anger transforms him into the Hulk that he has extraordinary powers.

It seems to me that Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife is a part-time superhero. But whereas Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk when he gets angry, and Tony Stark must put on his Iron Man suit, what transforms Cloud from ordinary guy into superhero is being in cut scenes.

We get to see his cut scene superpowers early on. During the first bombing mission, the unexpectedly big explosion causes the piping that Avalanche are running across to fall, and it seems Cloud is about to fall to his death as the section he is running across collapses. But, this is not the end for our SOLDIER, for, just like Morpheus showing Neo how to “free your mind” by performing an impossible jump, Cloud gets out of this imminent death by leaping like fifty feet into the air and jumping to safety.


So, in the cut scene it is established that Cloud can perform a ‘super-jump’. However, it would seem he only has this power in cut scenes, because whenever he is a playable character this ability is notably missing. Several times throughout the game there are situations where Cloud’s ‘super-jump’ would come in handy. Here’s one example. During the mission where he, Tifa and Barrett are negotiating the upper sections of Midgar, the player comes across this materia.


As you can see, there is a gap to be crossed but that shouldn’t be a problem for Cloud, right? I mean, he has shown he can jump ten times further than this. But now, as a playable character, he no longer has the ability to ‘super-jump’ and instead you have to work your way around a maze-like path of platforms and ladders and lifts to get at this materia.

Now, maybe you’re thinking “yes Cloud can do super-jumps, but he cannot trust that he will make a pinpoint landing onto this little platform. But another cut-scene refutes that argument. During the bike chase sequence, Cloud leaps from a motorcycle, propels himself a hundred feet into the air and lands on the seat of another fast-moving motorcycle, with not even the slightest wobble!


So there is no reason why Cloud cannot just jump to that platform or jump up to access switches rather than have to push crates to gain access to them. But, for reasons that are mysterious to me, he just does not have the ability to jump at any time except in cut-scenes.

The question is, why include these ‘super-jumps’ in those cut-scenes? Why not have consistency throughout, showing Cloud doing things that are just as dramatic but in keeping with the abilities he has under the player’s control?

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about this. Thanks for reading!

Thanks to Square Enix for the images.

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