Extropia And Jamie Visit A Haunted Island

3개월 전

It’s nearly time for Halloween and, as you can imagine, for an online world based on user content creation, this is a time when Second Life residents really go to town with costumes, haunted house experiences and more.


My sweety Jamie and I visited one such experience recently. It was a haunted island, a rather spooky place where all sorts of supernatural sights and sounds awaited the intrepid explorer.


The most obvious landmark was a big old house, the sort of place Scooby Doo and gang would have been drawn to, so we went there first, passing this merry band of skeletal musicians on the way.


Inside the house there were several rooms to explore, and I really liked the details that the content creators included, like cobwebs everywhere and severed limbs sticking out of pots and cupboards!


Like I said, the house was the most obvious attraction, but if you took time to search the rest of the island you could find other strange and spooky treats!


Whoever put this together put a lot of thought into it. Jamie and I had a great time wandering the spooky woods, seeing what we could find. I am just glad my sweety was there so I could hold her hand!

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Looks like a cool place to visit for Halloween. Some of my best times in SL were when visiting spooky places at Halloween time.

I haven't been in SL much lately. Anything new regarding Linden Dollars? They were so far ahead in virtual currency in the early 2000s and I wonder why they have not yet integrated a blockchain currency in there, where people could trade the token at various exchanges. Lindens have always been too tightly controlled in my opinion. They fixed a conversion rate and only allow buying and selling Lindens at the company's website. I guess that's why we have Decentraland and the Sandbox now, both quite like SL.


I guess they are still tightly controlling cuz there is still no blockchain currency so far as I know!