Extropia’s Retro-Gaming: ‘Aargh!’

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Ok, first off, what idiot thought up that title? It made for an awkward situation when you went shopping for this game....

“Hello. I am looking for “AARGH!’”.

“Are you alright?’.

“Yes, fine. I am just looking to buy ‘AARGH!”.

“Are you quite sure nothing is wrong??’.


Anyway, when this game was released, most people would have understood what ‘Arrgh!’ was all about if they had been told it was “Rampage in 3D’. In this game, you got to choose one of two monsters. One was a like a giant green lizard, and the other a huge cyclops. Your monster visits various very well-drawn locations, ranging from a Japanese village complete with pagodas, to a Wild-West style town. Although destruction of said buildings is very much part of the gameplay, this game differed from ‘Rampage’ in that it allowed you to move in and out of the scene, and also in that demolishing the buildings was not the sole point. No, the real aim of the game was to find a giant egg that was always hidden inside one of the buildings. As soon as it was found, the stage was completed.


As you can imagine, the residents of the town were none too pleased with having a monster turn up and lay waste to their architecture, so they would try and defend themselves. Every time you were hit, your ‘Arrgh! meter would fill up and once it was full, your monster would explode in vividly gory detail. By munching on the locals, and eating items like burgers which cropped up every now and then, you could prolong your monster’s health, hopefully long enough to find that all-important egg. As well as being able physically bash buildings until they were weak enough to collapse, you could set fire to them with fiery breath.


In between stages there was this beat-em-up level, where you had to fight which ever monster you did not choose in order to claim the egg for that stage. For its time, this level had some of the best graphics seen in any beat-em-up, with large, well-drawn character models. Unfortunately, the fighting mechanics were not much to write home about.


In fact, that could be a criticism of the game as a whole. Graphically, the game looked amazing, but the gameplay was pretty infuriating. It was not a true 3D game, more like a rendered backdrop with sprites that appeared to be moving in and out as well as right and left. You know, like the old Final Fantasy VII. This made it kind of hard to position your monster so as to demolish a building and all the while infuriating enemies were taking potshots at you. The review I read said the game was too easy, but either I am hopeless at games, or they tweaked it to make it tougher, because I could never get all the way through. I don’t think it is just me, though, because I have seen YouTube videos of other players getting frustrated with the awkward controls and difficulty of the gameplay.

I guess that, if you feel like playing a retro-game in which you get to be the monster causing destruction instead of defending the Earth from such an attack, you would be better off looking for a copy of Rampage than ‘Arrrgh!’.

Thanks to ‘Arcadia’ for the images

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