Call of Duty: Warzone - First Impressions

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Call of Duty: Warzone is the latest game to be dominating the "Battle Royal" genre of games. What's really awesome is that unlike it's closest counterpart, PUBG, Warzone is free to play. I've played several matches today and honestly I'm quite impressed for how good of a game it is for being free to play. Better yet, unlike many free to play titles, this one isn't pay to win. You can not only have fun but also be great at it without spending a dime.


One thing that I like a lot better about Warzone over other battle royal games is that each game can support 150 people with 50 teams of three people. The map that you play on is huge and even in my several matches that I've played, I haven't even come close to exploring all of this huge map.

Another huge thing that Warzone has going for it is that it supports cross play. Whether you play on PC, Xbox, or Playstation, you can play together. In my last game, I actually played with one person who was on Playstation and one person who was on Xbox. The barriers between game platforms is finally starting to be torn down.

There's a lot about this game. Custom loadouts, customization for weapons and your character, contracts. This game has a lot to offer that makes it really stand out from some battle royal games. This game even has a variety of vehicles that you and your team can utilize to quickly move around the map. Even though it's a small detail, I like that your character always has a parachute so that if you're wanting to jump off a tall building, you don't have to worry about dying due to fall damage.

It would be tough to review a game like this, but for being a free game, it's incredible! Whether you play on PC, Xbox, or Playstation, I'd highly recommend anyone who loves shooting games to download this game and give it a whirl. It's free after all!

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Loving it so far :) Especially the progression system and gun customization <3
@tipu curate 2