Time to peace out and look for another victim, Part 8 Japan Civilization 5 Vox populi let's play

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War pretty much won against Assyria, time to peace out and look for another victim

Link to the Playlist


Version 4-17
Map Fractal
Map size small
Number of players 6
Time scale standard
Difficulty immortal

I talk more about the mod in the video, it can be found here
https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/community-patch-how-to-install.528034/ with instructions to install it.

The other mods I use are:

Infoaddict v22 provides graphs

All mods can be found in the civ 5 workshop through steam.

I use brave browser it is pretty good, just like chrome except ads are optional and if you opt in you get paid for it. Here's a referral link that earns me a small amount


If you really like the sound of my voice and want to learn maths with me, check out my other channel.


Twitter accounts
Gaming https://twitter.com/5boringgamesLP
Maths https://twitter.com/2ndMaths

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