holoz0r's A-Z of Steam: Deadlight

8개월 전

This is a very short post. Deadlight was a very short experience. It's a platformer. I've made my thoughts on platformer games known throughout my days on this ... platform.


I hate platforming games.

I hate timing jumps and falling to my doom, and then having to attempt the same thing again, and again, and again.

Practice does make perfect, but lack of success and reptition at this does not make for a joyful gaming experience.

As such, I'll make this one short.

There's some charm about the dark, moody, and well voice-acted design of Deadlight.

The fact that the title is a platformer is where all of thought falls out the side of the moving vehicle, in an attempt to leap toward an oncoming truck. It'd be grand, a scene from Fast and The Furious, if it was a cyberpunk thriller about stealing things in a zombie apocalypse.

Fast and Furious isn't that, but Deadlight is. It's the end of the world, and its the end of the world for a platform title as far as I'm concerned, because try as I might, I can't do platforming games.

I think they're the ultimate form of torture - not gaming.

Sorry, Deadlight, you're no good to me.

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If you don’t like platformers why do you have this? Or did it come in a bundle? 😆


So much stuff through Humble Bundles. I bought bundles for other games, and got so many platformers as a result. It pains me greatly.