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The lag was insane this time, I created a Duelist, died on the beach lvl1. Went for a 3h break :)


The lag really was something else!😅 A 3hr break was a wise decision.

You did very good! I didn't really enjoyed ballistas with my scion so I changed back to melee. The leveling went much better.



I love the ballistas xD I find them very helpful when it comes to risking things like the frozen mobs and strongboxes -- place 3 down, activate event, run away! 😂

Still need to try a melee character at some point.

Looks like a blast! I’m sorry to hear about the lagging. That has got to be frustrating!


Not so much frustrating as terrifying. 😂

It's a very fun event with other Steemians, but you want your characters to live --LIVE! When such gameplay issues arise, every move you make is filled with trepidation.

I'm just glad I managed to sort it (eventually) and continue on. 😃

Looks like you had some fun. RIP that first one!