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Banished is so much fun! And so frustrating at times! From finding a seed you like to the blacksmith forgetting how to use tools. I look forward to seeing how the next town fares.

I haven't looked into the achievements yet and my towns often collapse after mismanagement of resources on my part. I have a bad habit of relying on food to keep my citizens alive in harsh years at the neglect of shelter, clothing, and tools. Generally until it is far too late to correct.


This is my usual strategy.

It solves food pretty quickly, but I think I'll have to rethink it for my next game; which I'll be starting soon! 😊 Since I had the misfortune of waking up at 4am haha. Might as well spend my early hours whipping peasants into shape.

You should look into the achievements! Some are interesting like this Mountain Men one. This one's the only one that really encourages you to exchange ideal starting conditions for a map no-one in their right mind would normally choose.

Nothing like a small notification telling you that you did something special to make you keep playing and striving for greatness. 😅

I love Banished! I usually dont run into the tool problem although it has killed many a game of mine. My strategy is lots and lots of firewood. Make that the towns economy and set up three trading posts to have coal and iron constantly coming in once or twice a year. Then i run into one of my problems. Mismanaging housing and the population explodes so then i have to turn fifty percent of the board into vast farmlands and orchards. Eventually i cant make anymore farms to support the population and realize my village must trade for a good amount of my food then it goes into a death spiral. But usually im at about 500-700 population at that time. Obviously i need some new strategies and tricks for this game. But man is it an addictive game. I often imagine myself strolling the streets of the town. Its a delicate balance of making a town thats pretty and worthy of wanting to live in and actually functional. Love this game. Now im craving to play it on the mountains challenge.


You'll have to try the Mountain Men challenge when you get back! 😁