Wormblocks and interaction

4개월 전

I added a bunch of interactive objects, some simple some I learned from old games code...can't make the world too plain and it's really useful to learn some small tricks and practice what I learned.


Then the wormblocks appeared, at first I wanted the to go slowly, checking the direction where the path is and create a block in the next empty block while deleting the previus one but it felt really slow predictable.I would love to make something akin the mario snakeblock but I could not figure out somethings of it


So I tweaked them adding a starting point, and somehow it get this weird random pattern where somethimes it creates a whole lot of them, sometimes just 2 or 3 and I really like it.
The only problem I have now is that you can get stuck inside them, although a bit weird is nice to stay still stuck for a couple of sec and then guess where you'll have to land, the big problem is to not get it freeze all the game, wich happened only once now but has happened😞🤔


Have a nice day!

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You could make them only a couple of pixels high and always generate them a bit farther away than the character's sprite height