Blockchain gaming economy could be bigger the Japan's economy

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Blockchain gaming is a revolutionary concept, which means video game players will make money playing video games. The best of them will be millionaires, like current day sports stars. Imagine a day when all 150 million people who play the video game fort nite make money. Japan’s entire population is less then 150 million people. That means there are more video gamers playing fort nite every month, then the total number of people in Japan. Now imagine if they all started making a few dollars, some of them hundreds of dollars and some of them thousands of dollars monthly. Adding up these numbers in your head, 150 million times one, times ten, times one hundred equals 150 million, 1.5 billion or as much as 15 billion dollars in video games rewards per month. As news of the rewards spreads, the number of players could double or triple. That’s how the Blockchain video economy could get bigger then the country of Japan.

It’s fascinating and it’s all due to NFT’S Otherwise known as non-fungible tokens, which make game unique and own able by players and creating ownership creates markets to sell them in...
It’s also made possible by high transactions per secon blockchains, affordable tokens and other elements of blockchain development details.

Parents encourage their children to study, to play sports and work on skills improving chances of gainful employment. Parents currently scold their kids for playing video games as wasted time. One day parents may encourage their kids to play video gams as a true paradime shift, because it’s no longer wasted money. It seems the future of gaming and future economies may be much different from what you anticipate. Stay informed about these changes.


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The blockchain can change the world of gaming