Sonic 3 - Multi Boss Fight In Carnival Night Zone!!

3개월 전

I've been getting the mid way battle royal going in Carnival Night Zone. This worked well in Hydro City Zone, that was very chaotic. I like this setup so far. Looking forward to messing this game up further. I think I will make a few versions of it. It helps keep it entertaining. I look forward to when I finish all the stages and can do a play through.

I think it glitched out very nicely! Now I can move on and try to mess up the boss on the rest of Carnival Night Zone. Looking forward to the next to levels Ice Cap and Launch Base. I wonder if I can get sonic to use the snowboard for the entire level!?

In these midway boss Carnival Night videos I have some where you defeat the Launch Base Zone boss at the midway boss of Carnival Night. It glitches out pretty good.

I liked playing through this boss quite a bit!! Made a few different videos. I was trying to stand on those flying metal spinners most of the time

In these next videos the midway bosses from Launch Base Zone join in for the battle!!

I know the background in the game moves very fast!! I think that's part of the glitch. It goes too fast, at a dizzying pace. I like this next video 'cause Sonic stays on the spinning platform for a longer time!! Can't wait to do more to the rest of Carnival Night and beyond!!

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