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About The Deck

Popularised by Cautionfun, this deck is able to put out high-value threats on the board at any point in the game, eventually overwhelming your opponent by exhausting their clears or healing their damage away. Having the ability to answer threats from many different decks, and being able to generate unlimited value from it's God power makes it the most flexible deck in the meta right now.

With an overall winrate of 75%, the deck brought me to 1st place for week 39.


ManaName# Of Cards
1Arrow of Rage2
1Pack Stalk2
2Underbrush Boar2
2Black Jaguar2
2Staff of Roots2
2Canopy Barrage2
3Lightning Strike2
3Jason, Medea's Muse1
4Agrodor Protector2
4Overgrown Rhino2
4Nefarious Briar1
5Valewarden Minotaur2
5The Hunt2
6Black Rhino2
7Ashen Drake1

Decklist on GUDecks
The cost of the deck is quite high, but I've listed some card replacements at the end of the guide if you are interested in playing the deck!

General Mulligan

Ideally, you'll be looking for Underbrush Boar, Black Jaguar and Staff of Roots. I’ll go more in-depth in the match-ups section.

Mana 1-4

Nature is pretty straightforward. Clear threats, and put up your own threats.

Mana 5 onwards

Clear threats, put up your own threats. In-depth in the match-ups section.

God Powers: Forage or Leech Life

I use Leech Life against aggro decks, and usually Forage against anything else. Leech life gives you removal as well as heal, so it's amazing against aggro decks like Slayer War. Forage gives you unlimited value versus other match-ups, making it invaluable versus control.


  • Light
    Ok match-up. Mulligan for Underbrush Boar, Staff of Roots, Black Jaguar and Canopy Barrage. You could take Forage or Leech Life, but Leech life is probably safer if they're aggressive. I don't think there's much to say in this match-up as it just comes down to winning the board and clearing whatever comes your way. Press your advantage at mana 4-6 with Overgrown Rhino, Valewarden and Black Rhino.

  • Nature
    Mirror match-up. Good mulligans are Underbrush Boar, Canopy Barrage, Lightning Strike and Overgrown Rhino. I take Forage in this match-up. Save your clear for high stat creatures like Valewarden and Black Rhino. One of the best plays in the mirror is at turn 4 > Bag of tricks > Overgrown Rhino > Pack Stalk > Valewarden Minotaur. If you can win the board early, you win the game.

Note: in Midrange and Control match-ups, try to save your Echophon! They usually play one as well and it's quite hard to clear it as nature, unless you luck out with Forage. So using your Echophon to clear it is vital in these match-ups. Of course, you shouldn't save your Echophon in every scenario, just use your own discretion.

  • Magic
    Good match-up. Good mulligans are Underbrush Boar, Staff of Roots, Black Jaguar and Overgrown Rhino. If it's burst magic, you probably win by default because of the amount of heal in your deck. Versus control, put down your high-stat creatures and try killing them as early as possible. Overgrown Rhino, Valewarden Minotaur and Black Rhino will overwhelm them easily.


  • Control Death.
    Ok match-up. Good mulligans are Black Jaguar, Staff of Roots and Overgrown Rhino. Use Forage. Overgrown Rhino is your ticket to victory in this match up! They can't Dust to Dust it so it's hard for them to clear it till 6 mana. Press your early advantage as much as possible and hope they don't draw well. If they ramp up fast enough and are able to clear your early threats, it'll be very difficult to win against a good Death player.

  • Death zoo
    Easy match-up. Mulligans are Underbrush Boar, Canopy Barrage, Black Jaguar and Staff of Roots. Always take Leech Life. This should be your game to win unless you somehow draw all your end game cards at the start of the game.

  • Onslaught War
    Unfavourable match-up. Good mulligans are Underbrush Boar, Canopy Barrage, Black Jaguar and Staff of Roots. Use Forage. Honestly, I haven't really played this match-up due to a lack of Onslaught War players, but their blitz clear in the early game and value in the late game makes this match feel unfavoured. What I like to do is to just Forage in the early game as they'd probably clear any board you put down anyway.

  • Slayer War
    Great match-up. Good mulligans are Underbrush Boar, Canopy Barrage, Black Jaguar and Staff of Roots. Always take Leech Life. Underbrush Boar is the best answer to Pyramid Warden. Your priority is to win the board. Don't be afraid to take damage to put down creatures or when using Staff of Roots as you'd usually have enough heals and frontlines eventually. Try not to be too greedy though, it's good to trade your Walking Plants and Valewarden Minotaur for heals, just to be safe.

Problems with the deck

Honestly, the deck is pretty strong at all points of the game, especially from mana 4-6. However, decks like Onslaught War, Control Death and Ramp Magic will obviously out-value you in the late game since they are built for that. You just have to press your early to mid game advantage against these decks and you should be fine overall.

Central Cards

ManaName# Of Cards
1Arrow of Rage2
2Underbrush Boar2
2Staff of Roots2
2Canopy Barrage2
3Lightning Strike2
4Overgrown Rhino2
5Valewarden Minotaur2
5The Hunt2
6Black Rhino2

Card replacements

If you're not aiming for top 10, you really don't have to buy expensive cards like Jason, Medea's Muse and Demogorgons. I'd recommend you use Leech Life instead of Forage if you don't use Demogorgon.

  • Marsh Walker
  • Skeleton Heavy
  • Revenant Lynx
  • Wildfire
  • Veteran Archer
  • Avatar of Nature
  • Green Giant
  • Photogenesis
  • Vinebound Jotun
  • Helian Elite

There's probably a lot more replacements but this is just a general guide.


Thanks for reading! If you have any tips/criticisms, please comment down below so I can add it to the guide!

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