Fight n Rage Invades Streets of Rage 2

5개월 전

Streets of Rage 2 is the recipient of more than a couple mods, mostly main character swaps. Well, when Fight n Rage, a newer brawler, invades Sega’s fighting world, they could not settle for just four characters. Nope, here fans can expect full on character swaps throughout. The levels are not changed though so that will still feel familiar to old hats. The rest though, yeah, that is all changed.

Almost a total conversion

There are not many conversions of this level for Streets of Rage 2. While I understand, these are not easy, it would be awesome to see more of them. Maybe that is part of the reason the Fight n Rage conversion rocks so much, simply not much competition.

No matter, it is still awesome to traverse familiar locations and fight new enemies there. Enemies here run the gamut of tall, fat, small, thin, hulking, sneaky, all of it. Sure, Streets of Rage 2 featured characters with many of those traits, for the most part, only the bosses were hulking.

Changes were made

First, obviously characters changed, but some basic gameplay has as well. For one, there is now juggling if you know how to implement it. Also, the six button controller is used, Y button is your uppercut. Friendly fire is disabled as well. The throw recovery from Streets of Rage 4 is implemented here.

New sounds were added for players and enemies too.

The modders went above and beyond simply swapping sprites out here. That is amazing news as the game is almost brand new because of it. Being able to hit the run easier helps so much when being ganged up on.

If you are a fan of Streets of Rage 2 and want to enjoy it with new friends, grab the Fight n Rage mod. has it available right now.

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