John Romero Releases New Doom 2 Level to Support Ukraine

4개월 전

Anyone remember Doom 2? Surely some of you reading this remember that classic. John Romero, one of the original developers behind Doom is aware of current events. Namely the situation with Ukraine being invaded by Russia. To help with this situation, Romero is offering a brand-new level for Doom 2. For a donation of €5, 100% of proceeds going to Red Cross and UN Central Emergency Response Fund.

Romero’s first Doom 2 level since 1994

ONE HUMANITY is the name of the level that John Romero has created. As with most things that Romero created for the Doom franchise (we are ignoring Daikatana on purpose), ONE HUMANITY is frenetic and balls to the wall action.

Check out the gameplay video by YouTube creator, pagb666. Their video is a clean, no commentary, no distractions, focused on the game level video. I am not sure about you, but I prefer those types of videos, I just want to see the action.

Warning - There are spoilers in the video below.

From the start, ONE HUMANITY is action packed. You are not going to step into this level and have much time to rest or think. Simply start blasting and killing demons.

Where to get ONE HUMANITY

If you are interested in getting a copy of this level, please head over to and click buy. Please note that you will receive your download link in your e-mail. This means DO NOT use a fake e-mail and check your spam/junk folder.

Also, special note, you can only download your file three times using the link. Please make sure to backup your file because you will have to donate again if you lose it three times.

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