Polite Patch Released for Kirby’s Avalanche on Super Nintendo

5개월 전

Everyone loves Kirby. That makes it odd that in his puzzle game, Kirby’s Avalanche on Super Nintendo, he is a jerk. He is flat out rude. Certainly not what fans are used to for the character. That would be like finding out there is a Super Mario game where Mario tells Princess Peach/Toadstool to kiss off. It is just so out of character. Well, fans have created a patch that fixes this. The polite patch, as I call it, brings Kirby’s attitude more in line with what fans might expect from the puff ball.

Kirby, Nintendo’s answer to Sonic the Hedgehog derailed?

Something that stands out from Kirby’s Avalanche was Kiryb’s attitude. It was completely out of place compared to his other appearances. That got me to thinking.

Could Kirby have been intended to be Nintendo’s answer to Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog? We all know that Sonic was full of attitude and not scared to share his opinion. This was clear when he was dealing with Dr. Eggman/Robotnik and his minions.

In the original Kirby’s Avalanche, the pink puffball is quite a jerk. Full of attitude. In all his other appearances, he is polite and even when trying to be edgy, is not very good at it.

That makes me think this was a test for Kirby to be edgy and combative in nature, like Sonic. Considering Nintendo never released any more content with this style Kirby means, if it was ever considered, it was dropped quickly.

Enter fans with a kind heart

Not being happy with the way Kirby’s Avalanche paints the pink guy, fans have fixed his attitude. Maybe he saw the error of his ways, saw how words can hurt, who knows. I do know, he is more respectful in this patched version. He is still combative a bit though. More Bea Arthur combative than Andrew Dice Clay.

According to ROMHacking.net, where you can grab this patch, many sections were changed. Some outright replaced.

On top of that, you can patch Kirby’s Avalanche to feature dialogue pointed at Puyo Puyo. All this really does is change references of Avalanche to Puyo Puyo. No known gameplay changes are incurred. Just a simply choice of words for you as the fan.

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