Robocop Receives Texas Sized Update

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Who remembers the Robocop movies? I do. Obviously, the first is my favorite and the sequels, well, yeah. Anyhow, onto Robocop on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The original release by Data East was lacking in the graphics department versus the arcade original. That is putting it lightly. Well, fans have created what they call the “Texas Edition” hack for the Nintendo NES version and boy does it make a difference.

Limitations of the time

We must remember with these things; limitations were different when these games were originally created. Programming tricks, better understanding of the hardware, etc have all had a role in these hacks being able to improve so much in these classic titles.

That is also what makes these hacks so drastic in comparison. It is literally night and day with this hack for Robocop. So much is different because they changed so much for the NES original.

Truly bringing the arcade experience home

The modders behind the Texas Edition Robocop certainly paid attention to the source material. Robocop himself now has girth to him. He is no longer a stick figure with shiny pieces. Now, he is a hulking beast of a robot, a tough looking one.

Gone are the random buildings, maybe it was a different part of Detroit than shown in the arcade game. Replacing them are more familiar buildings and areas of the city, more in line with the arcade game. It is a small change, but man does it ever change the feel of the game.

Changes go beyond just levels

The enemies are changed back to the arcade original as well. I was surprised when playing this hack because I played the original first. Then when playing the Texas Edition, the different enemies hit me and I was like whoa, I forgot about that stuff.

Even the intro is more inline with the arcade game. Check out the two videos above showing the first level.

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