Gods Unchained lvl 40

3개월 전

Hello, mortals! Since the Corona Virus is still acive, and I don't know what to play anymore, I found a perfect game for myself. Gods Unchained is my new favourite card game because is just like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering, which I have played for almost 6 years. I am currently lvl 40 and I'm getting stronger every day, just like my gods.

I have to say that the God of Light is my favourite one so far and I play him the most because he reminds me of a Paladin in Hearthstone , and I was a pretty good one back in the day.


I will be updating you guys whenever I get something cool in the game, and maybe in the future, I will make some videos of each god and my tactics of winning with them. Thank you all for your time and, as always, stay strong :)

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