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Alien: Isolation is a survival horror computer game released in 2014 by the British game developer Creative Assembly. It is based on the science fiction horror film Alien from 1979 and continues its story.



The player takes control of Amanda Ripley from the first person perspective. On the way through the Sevastopol, Ripley repeatedly encounters survivors and androids with sometimes hostile intentions, as well as the alien.
This cannot be killed by the player, but it can be driven away or distracted using improvised devices. In order to avoid a direct confrontation with the creature, the player can hide, for example in a cupboard or in a ventilation shaft. The alien's AI usually does not follow any given scripts, which means that it always takes different paths and its behavior is largely unpredictable.
There are save points at important game sections.



I do not want to spoil too much of the story, so I am sticking to a rough description.

The action takes place in the year 2137, 15 years after the events of the first Alien film. Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley, now works for the Weyland Yutani Corporation and receives information from an android named Samuels that her mother may still be alive. The flight recorder of the Nostromo, the ship with which Amanda's mother disappeared, was found and is now said to be on the Seegson Corporation's Sevastopol space station. Samuels offers Ripley to fly with him and Weyland-Yutani representative Nina Taylor, to which she agrees.


Ripley's team reached Sevastopol a few weeks later on board the courier ship Torrens, which is commanded by Captain Diane Verlaine. However, it turns out that the radio connection to the station is disturbed and the docking system is damaged. When Ripley, Samuels and Taylor try to get to the station by spacewalk, an explosion occurs, separating the three.

Ripley reached the airlock, but was left on her own. Inside the Sevastopol, a catastrophe is revealed to her: the station has been devastated, corpses are lying around everywhere, civil society has collapsed and strange noises can be heard in the ventilation shafts.
Desperate, Ripley looks for a way to the station's communications center to contact Verlaine on the Torrens. In the process, she meets a survivor named Axel in the space terminal, who tells her about a "monster" that is up to mischief on Sevastopol and kills the residents. Ripley convinces Axel to help her aboard the Torrens in exchange for an escape from the station.

He leads them past a group of hostile survivors to the station's transit system, but is suddenly impaled by the tail of an extraterrestrial being - an alien - and dragged into a shaft...


The game has been awarded with Game Developers Choice Awards - Best Audio and SXSW Gaming Awards - Excellence in SFX.

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