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Metro 2033 is a first person shooter from the Ukrainian developer 4A Games.
It is based on the novel Metro 2033 by Dmitri Gluchowski. The game was released in Europe and the US in March 2010 for Xbox 360 and Windows. In May 2014, the publisher Deep Silver unveiled the work on so-called Redux versions for Metro 2033 (and Metro Last Light).



Metro 2033 is a first person shooter with elements of the survival horror genre.
The plot is linear, so that the player can only deviate slightly from the plotted course of action. Despite the shooter focus, the player can sneak past some opponents. To provide variety, some scenarios have been implemented.
On the one hand, the player has to defend a station from attacking mutants; on the other hand, it is necessary to flee from advancing fascists in a fortified wagon or to escort a person safely through enemy territory.


Strange and dangerous anomalies, caused by the nuclear impact, as well as contaminated and radiant areas need to be survived. The existence of the mutants is explained by the nuclear contamination. There are no demons or magic involved. Nevertheless, at some points the player deals with paranormal situations, be it the appearance of ghosts or the inclusion of the "blacks" in the action.

The game offers two possible endings, which are made dependent on around 60 decisions in the course of the game. Instead of money or various goods, the currency in the game is special, stronger ammunition that dates back to the prewar period.
So you can literally run out of money or save it and buy better equipment.



The earth was devastated in 2013 in an unspecified nuclear war.
In Moscow, the few survivors, around 40,000 people, have saved themselves in the large underground network, the famous Moscow Metro. The earth's surface and some tunnels can only be entered with a gas mask due to the exposure to radioactive substances. Over time, the ionizing radiation has created a large number of mutants there, which often attack the metro stations.

But not only mutants, but also bandits, communists and fascists populate the metro. Since the nuclear war, the individual stations of the metro have developed over time into independent miniature states that trade and form alliances with other stations, but often also wage wars for living space, food, commercial goods, fuel and for their new and old ideologies .


Conclusion - Highly Recommended!

Metro 2033 is probably one of the best story driven shooters out there. Not only the deep story but also the love to detail in the metro stations create an incredibly immersive game experience.

I highly recommend this game to every shooter fan and everyone who enjoys a great story.
Also worth mentioning are said books from Dmitri Gluchowski. The I've read the whole Metro - Saga and it is definetly worth a read.
Although the games cover most of the story, the books are (as almost always) a bit better ;)

The redux version itself does not change anything on story or gameplay, it is basically just a graphical overhaul making an old game look really good:


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