League of Legends MMO int the making

2년 전

Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street announced a new MMO for the League of Legends universe in one of his numerous tweets. The former WoW developer is of course on board with his expertise. Fun fact: Two years ago, a tweet from a Riot employee sparked MMO dreams.


In July 2018, Marc "Tryndamere" Merrill from Riot Games asked the community if they were interested in an MMO from the "League of Legends" developers. Since LoL has an enormous fan base and, Riot has enough budget to manage such a project, this question quickly caused a lot of enthusiasm.

Only a week later, however, the whole thing turned out to be an aerial act. Riots Communications Director Juston Kranzl stated at the time that Merrill was just kidding. The MMO tweet was only intended to encourage players to discuss the LoL lore and the previously published interactive world map, as well as the long-term future of League of Legends.

But behold! Riot Games is now, more than two years later, working on an MMO.

That's exactly what Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street revealed on his Twitter channel. At first he only spoke of a new game in the LoL universe that the former Blizzard developer is currently working on. It could be described as massive, many players have long wanted a game like this from Riot and by the way: The team is currently looking for reinforcements!


Which hast been explicitly confirmed as a MMO:

There is no teaser trailer, press release, concept art or further details. So I guess we have to wait until Riot comes up with more offical information.

But yet, I guess this could become a real big thing!

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