[Gods Unchained] Custom Cards #6 - Structures EDITION!

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Hey guys! Today we have the sixth edition of custom cards made for Gods Unchained. As always cards were made with this easy to use custom cards generator.

The focus of today's edition is on the unexplored tribe that doesn't have serious representation in the game, Structures. It seems that this tribe was meant to create value continuously while they are present on the board if they are left untouched so I took this idea to create these cards as well. Artwork for cards was provided by JJcanvas and AdamPaquette. If you like their art follow them on their Devianart pages.

Radiant Fountain

Radiant Fountain.png

Quite fitting for a Light structure. Taking board control with Light is quite essential and it already has a nice amount of tools to do that. Now this card steps in when you already have some presence on the board and you want to hold it further. 0/5 is good enough so that it can't get removed with most removals efficiently but creatures can trade it for free. Most structures have backline but I decided it would be too much of a win more card if it was so hard to remove it from the board. This way it becomes a target for your opponent and if they still aren't able to remove it they will suffer quite a lot of value if you are constantly able to trade and heal your creatures.

Training Camp

Training Camp.png

Another cheap structure. It is a bit luck dependant but I made it like this so that it is fairer and you need to target a creature that doesn't already have some of these abilities unless you are willing to take a risk of wasting this by giving it the same ability again. I can't really say how strong something like this would be as it does heavily depend on the situation. My guess is that it would be played in Midrange style decks that use a lot of well-stated creatures that can take advantage of any of these buffs. Blitz is purposely here in the mix so that Onslaught doesn't have too big of an advantage in using this card over other archetypes.

Ancient Library

Ancient Library.png

Some power cycle for Magic. Because of its potential, it is only a 0/3 for 3 mana so that the opponent can have an easier time removing this from the board. With the inclusion of cards from Trial of the Gods, Magic is getting a lot of cheap spells that would be really well supported by a card like this. When you spend 3 mana you would generally want to draw two cards in return but it could be okay even if you draw just one because your opponent will still need to expend their resources to get rid of the Library, in the situation where they don't have a creature to remove this or a Frontline is in the way. Getting extra 2 favor on top makes this card even more compelling to use.

Clockwork Soldier

Clockwork Soldier.png

Clockwork Soldier is a bit of a different type of structure because it is more like a "usual" creature. The stat line might seem odd or even bad at first but in combination with its effect and the ability to buff this card, with War you can do it even before you play it, it can become absurd. The reason it starts with only 1 health is so that it will be harder to buff it out of range from most mid-late removal since it also has a Ward that complicates the situation for the opponent as well. I was thinking that it might be fairer if the card's cost is 8 mana but of course, that's pure speculation.

Anubian Soulyard

Anubian Soulyard.png

Zoo Death decks kinda struggle for a long time now, and it's because of their ability to maintain pressure is pretty weak even with god power Undying Wish. To extend upon this idea of constantly creating extra layers of creatures that can rebuild the board after board clears or even trading should help out a lot. This layering of threats can help defend Backline creatures like once-popular Anputian Magus to make a comeback and provide additional value with runes.

Command Tower

Command Tower.png

This one is pretty straightforward and it is all about enabling archetypes revolving around Structures. 3/8 stat line makes it pretty resilient so that your other structures that will probably even have Backline have more time exerting value. Could you imagine how a full-on structure deck could look like? I hope we will see it someday.

Corrupted Monolith

Corrupted Monolith.png

Now, this is pretty much how Deception operates and why we all hate her. If this is confusing to some, when I mean you can't generate I mean, gain favor by trading hitting face and using cards that say "gain x favor". Because this is a Deception card, things aren't always fair so stealing favor isn't affected. 0/5 is annoying enough to stand longer than your opponent might like it because Deception also has its way of disabling you to attack their creatures or even give them hidden.

Forest Temple

Forest Temple.png

Amazons need just a little bit more support to make them perfectly viable on the competitive level so why not something like this. Their Zoo-ish style of play where you want as many of them on the board to buff them and finish off the game would be nicely complemented by a card like this. With only 2 health the way you protect it is by continuously playing creatures and Ward is there to help you give another chance if you run into a board clear that clears a lot of your smaller creatures. I really think it would be easy to make this card worth it generating around 3 1/1s or even more but the trade-off is that it really doesn't do anything on its own so you gotta plan ahead if you want to get what you paid for.


This is it for today's custom card edition. Structures aren't the most promising tribe in the game right now nor will they be in the next expansion, but someday we might see some synergies that this tribe deserves. It will be interesting to see how the GU team will handle this if they are even planning to do it, otherwise, it's just a waste of a tag. What do you guys think how much support do structures need to consider them a "real" tribe? Do you guys like any of ideas from this edition? Have some yourself? Please let me know in the comments.

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