Some Inconsistencies... What Do You Think?


Could someone please explain some inconsistencies to me.
A new type of flu virus goes around the world and kills about 0.3% of people who contract it, and all around the world governments are willing and able to lockdown their countries, crippling the economy internationally, throwing hundreds of millions into unemployment and causing untold psychological damage and misery to billions.

That is because they really care, yes? And the orchestration of this international lockdown is not at all suspicious, because governments always co-operate with each other, don’t they?
Yeah, okay, fair enough, but please explain this to me. The link between cancer and cigarettes was known way back in the 1950s, and since then it is estimated that worldwide, five hundred million people have died of smoking related illnesses; and yet, not one single country in the world has banned tobacco.

Why not?

Our oceans are now utterly choked with plastic, and the best the British government can do is to ban single use plastic bags in supermarkets. They haven’t banned the wrapping of vegetables in plastic. They haven’t banned plastic bottles and made us suffer the terrible inconvenience of having to carry glass bottles, which we pay a deposit upon and return to where we bought them from, so that they are then washed and re-used. They can lock us in our houses for months on end, but they can’t make us use glass bottles??? And, as far as I am aware, there are only a few countries in the entire globe who use such “repressive measures”, curtailing consumers’ freedom to have lighter shopping trollies to wheel to their fuel-guzzling, environment polluting cars.

The meat and dairy industries cause more pollution than any other industry anywhere and will, in the end, be responsible for the destruction of the planet our grandchildren were due to inherit, and no government anywhere, as far as I am aware, has put a tax on meat and dairy or offered a substantial subsidy on vegan equivalents, to encourage people to buy a more sustainable alternative, never mind actually banning the meat and dairy industry… and yet, they have the power to close restaurants, bars, cinemas, sports venues and “non-essential” shops worldwide.

All around the world, especially in Western, “civilised” societies, old people have pretty much been seen as “useless eaters” (as described by one, unusually honest, British Tory MP). They are given paltry pensions (if at all) and if millions of them die every winter because they can’t afford to heat themselves properly, no-one anywhere seems to give a damn, certainly not governments, for whom pensioners are fiscal deficits; and yet, a slightly different kind of flu appears, which kills off some of these pensioners, and all of a sudden our governments are locking down the entire world to “save lives”.

Aside from dying because they can’t afford to heat, clothe and feed themselves properly, old people have also been dying in their millions from the regular, old fashioned flu, and yet, no government anywhere has ever locked us down before to save these old people from dying. They’ve had a vaccine for the flu for numerous years, and yet, they have never spent much time or energy advertising it (and consequently, take up figures have been poor). They certainly never suggested that people who might just get a bit poorly with the regular flu should get vaccinated to protect those who are vulnerable or old. And they certainly didn’t start vaccinating children!!!

I suppose I am just being a silly-billy “conspiracy theorist”, focussing my attention on all these apparent inconsistencies. I should stop with all this nonsense and do what others do, sit in front of the television and listen to THE TRUTH.

My apologies to politicians all over the world for doubting you. You have never lied before. Why would you start lying now? Silly me!

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