📢 Contest Announcement #4 : YOUR BAD HABITS FOR HEALTH |Reward Pool 50 STEEM

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Hello all Steem Healthcare members 👋

We have seen extraordinary developments in this community with active merber that continues to increase of course this cannot be realized without your help, we continue to support steemians who are consistent and continue to actively share their posts, we really love the diversity and cultural differences between all of us, so keep working with unique things that come from where you are.

We try to always try to be close to all members from all over the country by presenting contests so that we know your various stories and experiences because the experiences and stories you share are very meaningful to us and others,

This week we are again holding a weekly contest with the theme "Your Bad Habits For Health", this week's theme may be a bit different from previous weeks, with this theme we hope you can share your experiences about your bad habits that can damage your health you so that it can motivate us all to avoid or leave the habit.

The points that you must include in the post.

  1. Since when did you do this habit?
  2. What effect does this habit have on your health?
  3. Do you intend to leave the habit, if so how do you change the habit?

We do not limit these points only, you can add other things that you think need to be shared and useful for all of us.


The Winners

Total prize pool 50 steem

Winner 125 Steem
Winner 215 Steem
Winner 310 Steem



  1. Subscribe to the Steem Healthcare community.
  2. Make posts and stories of your experiences related to this week's theme consisting of at least 200 words.
  3. If possible, share photos of the habit so that we all know more about the habit, if it is not possible you can take photos from other sources, by including the link to the source.
  4. Posts must be in the steemhealthcare community.
  5. Posts identified as plagiarism will not be assessed.
  6. Use the first tag #shchealth, #contest and your country (e.g. Indonesia and Venezuela)
  7. Resteem this post so more people will know.


The contest takes place after this post is published and will end on the date (June 17- 2021).
Contest Winner Appraisers by Steem Healthcare community admin @imamalkimas and @mudajuli and moderators @ahyar92 and @lidiasteem.

I will be grateful
@,steemcurator01, @,steemcurator02, @,steemitblog for supporting the contest!

Please join us at discord and you can communicate with us for the betterment of the Steem Healthcare community

Steem Healthcare Discord : https://discord.gg/NnpBEdEu4V

Steem Healthcare Website : http://steemhealthcare.org

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Good contest, it's very useful 😍


Thank You, We are waiting for your participation :)

Sepertinya kali ini tema kontes sangat bagus untuk kita semua.


Thank You, We are waiting for your participation :)


Creative contest as always, thank you @shc-curator, I will surely join the contest.
@eliany @pricelesspresh @emyekanem @comforteffiong @mexacliff @dequeen @rich2020 @benton03 @gracyakan please join in the contest too


Thanks for the invite, I'll surely particupate


That's the spirit girl!


Thanks for the invite @goodybest, I try my best to participate


Ok Sis, @gracyakan we're waiting for your entry!

Kontes yang menarik, saya akan mengikutinya

Hai mod @ahyar92, Saya telah mengambil bagian dari kontes ini. Anda bisa cek di sini , Terimakasih..

a good contest, reminding us of our shortcomings while taking care of our own health, which we often overlook.

I really love this, it makes sense. I will try to participate

Excelente tema amigo@ahyar92 prepararé mi participación.

contest contest. time to write has come haha, thanks @shc-curator will be submitting mind in a bit. but first i won't do this alone i call on
@etiboy56, @evegrace, @glotokens, @amplegiologist, @embassyclassic, @zellypearl to come and participate.


Wow, i will try to do this, thanks for the mention but i will call on @udygold, @imoabasi and at @millymillions to come and try this out🤗🤗


you are welcome. can't wait to see yours

Extraordinario y retador concurso

It's an interesting contest. This is great. Regards.

Kontes yang luar biasa

Buenas tardes , por acá les dejo mi participación en el concurso #4 de la comunidad https://steemit.com/hive-140766/@creaarte/anuncio-del-concurso-n-4-sus-malos-habitos-para-la-salud

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Very useful contest allow me to participate in this wonderful contest.

Hi @steemhealthcare
Am called @husseini I was introduced to Steem Healthcare by @nafisatu and am from Cameroon
I'll be looking forward to contesting.


I love this topic

Good evening @ shc-curator,
Here is the link to my contest entry.
Thank you in anticipation of a favourable response.

Kontes yang sangat bagus,saya harap ini bisa dijadikan pelajaran untuk kita semua👍👍👍


Thank You, We are waiting for your participation :)


You're welcome👍👍👍

Love this theme. Got something to think about throughout the week now. Hope something pops in mind!

This contest is great

Please, @shc-curator
In our entries can we list more than 1 bad habit?

Many thanks to @shc-curator for organizing this contest. Please find my entry for this contest below-



As a prerequisite to participate in the contest, I have re-steemed this announcement. I have also upvoted the announcement.