📢 Daily Contest Winner #10 : What Are You Doing Today | Prize - 15+14 Steem!

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Hello all Steem Healthcare members 👋

This time we from the Steem Healthcare Community team would like to announce the winners of "📢 Daily Contest #10 : What Are You Doing Today", which we have been running for 2 days.

Daily contest #10 managed to attract several participants from various countries. This makes us even more excited to continue to make community members more active and creative in the future.

All participants have given their best, we from the team are very happy for all of your enthusiasm.

So we Team and Moderators go to great lengths to choose which post is the best and be the winner in the daily contest #10. In this post, all the winners we have chosen are the result of the team's decision and cannot be contested.


List of participants who have participated in the 📢 Daily Contest #10 : What Are You Doing Today.

Account NameCountryEntry


We sincerely thank all the friends who participated in the first contest in the Steem Healthcare community and we are also looking forward to the upcoming contests where many more will take part in every contest run by this community.


Daily Contest Winner #10

The first winner @sonimar

Winner 1 : 7 Steem (Bonus! Booming Support)

Entry: Daily Contest #10: What Ate You Doing Today,🥰🥰 Apoyando a mi Deportista Favorito🥰🥰


The second Winner @nneoma08

Winner 2 :5 Steem



Third winner @pecintabunga20

Winner 3 :3 Steem

Entry: Daily Contest #10: What Are You Doing Today By @pecintabunga20 [22-06-2021]



We also picked good contest posts in addition to the 3 above. Moderator @ahyar92 suggested choosing 7 favorite winners in addition to the 3 winners above.

All participants gave their best. I chose many favorite posts at this time :).


Favorite Posts #1 : @etiboy56 (Negeria) | Daily Contest #10 : What Are You Doing Today (Reward Pool 15 STEEM)|| by @etiboy56 (2 Steem)

Favorite Posts #2 : @gracyakan (Negeria) | "What Are You Doing Today" By @gracyakan (2 Steem)

Favorite Posts #3 : @vickydear (Negeria) | Daily Contest #10 : What Are You Doing Today by @vickydear (2 Steem)

Favorite Posts #4 : @beautybb (Negeria) | What are you doing today contest@ beautybb 22/6/21 (2 Steem)

Favorite Posts #5 : @hae-ra (Philippines) | Daily Contest #10: What Are You Doing Today ||Working and Taking Care of Myself (2 Steem)

Favorite Posts #6 : @obrisgold (Nigeria) | Daily contest #10, review of how my day went. @obrisgold (2 Steem)

Favorite Posts #7 : @sampu (India) | Daily contest #10, review of how my day went. @obrisgold (2 Steem)


Thank you to those of you who have won the contest that we run in this community and continue to work and actively build this community and we will always appreciate quality posts.

And Special! Thank you to all the Participants who took part in this daily contest #10 . We are very happy, for all of your participation :).



We have also sent steem to the accounts of the winners of this daily contest #10 and you can check your steemit account wallet and thank you for participating in this contest well and I hope that you and those who haven't won this contest are also active in participating in future contests that we run every time.

🥳 Congratulations to the Winner 🏆 again !!

Thanks to admin @imamalkimas and @mudajuli and moderators @ahyar92 and @lidiasteem for doing their best for this community and judging fairly for this daily contest winners

I will be grateful

@,steemcurator01, @,steemcurator02, @,steemitblog for supporting the contest!


Please join us at discord and you can communicate with us for the betterment of the Steem Healthcare community

Steem Healthcare Discord : https://discord.gg/NnpBEdEu4V

Steem Healthcare Website : http://steemhealthcare.org

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Congratulations to Winners 1,2,3 🏆
@sonimar @nneoma08 @pecintabunga20

and the favorite winner 🏆
@etiboy56 @gracyakan @vickydear @beautybb @hae-ra @obrisgold @sampu

and all participants, Thank you very much :)



Hello @ahyar92 and admin panel !! Thank you for nominating my post as one of the favorites.

Congratulations to all the winners !! You have written exceptionally nice.

Thanks once again to Steem Healthcare leadership team for hosting this contest.


This is the first contest I won and this is also my first post in the @Steem Healthcare community, I thank everyone involved @imamalkimas @ahyar92 @mudajuli @lidiasteem


Hola @ahyart93, me siento feliz y honrada por el nombramiento, esto es señal de que el que persevera alcanza, bendiciones para todos 🤗🤗

Selamat bagi para pemenang kontes🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊

Selamat untuk para juara❤️

Congratulations to all the winners! It is well deserved

Thank you so much we appreciate

Thanks @ahyar92 reward received with much appreciation. Congratulations to all the winners.

Congrats to y'all
@sonimar @nneoma08 @pecintabunga20. For standing out, am happy for you guys. Anticipating the next contest already 😅


Hola @obrisgold, de verdad fue una grata sorpresa 🎉🎉muchas gracias, bendiciones 🤗🤗


hola @sonimar am really happy for you keep posting and be active. more wins to you dear. stay safe graciars




Thank you so @obrisgold, Sir.


you are welcome @nneoma08

Hola @shc-curators por tan honorable mención, estoy muy feliz por haber Sido elegida en el primer lugar,🎉🎉muy agradecida de corazón 🤗🤗

Thank you so much @steemhealthcare Community.

I really appreciate your support.

Congratulations to all winners

Congrats to all winners