The Diary Game || Monday 18th July 2022 ||Today, weake bread for breakfast

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Hello everyone, I am going to tell you about my Monday diary day, which like every morning starts with a good coffee, I usually use the mocha, but sometimes I also use the automatic coffee machine, let's say I like the mocha one better, because it is longer.


This morning I even made cappuccino and then spread jam on bread, and then ate the last cherries I had picked some time ago.


I then emptied the dishwasher, something I do every other day, because I don't dirty the dishes as much when I eat, I always try to do a little work in the morning while it's fresh.



I then started to bake bread for breakfast, I bought the machine some time ago so it makes my life easier, in fact I load all the ingredients and it takes care of mixing and baking the bread.
This is really convenient so you can do other things.



The machine also automatically calculates the leavening period and then bakes the bread very slowly.
I put cocoa, nuts and a little sugar in the morning bread.



This is the end result of the bread just taken out of the machine.



Since I was doing this, I decided to prepare the dough for the evening pizza, something very simple, flour yeast and water, and then I knead everything and wait a few hours for it to rise.


This is the end result of the pizza, one part for me and one for my wife, aesthetically not so beautiful but very good.


the afternoon I did some computer work, I try to be consistent with my Steemit work, and I am happy because the fruits are coming.

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I hope you enjoyed this story of mine, it was a good day but I enjoy it so!!!
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hello friend, the bread looks excellent, that machine allows you to prepare it very easily. the pizza is delicious, I love it. I wish you much success in steemit, it is seen that you do a good job.


thanks you are very kind !!! I try to do the best !!

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happy day!