THE DIARY GAME : 23/09/2020|| A Busy Day

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Assalamu Alaikum how are you all I am very well by the grace of Allah. This morning I woke up at five o'clock in the morning, washed my hands and face and had breakfast. Clouds, clouds seemed to be hovering in the sky. In fact, on a rainy day, a different feeling has been created in many beautiful minds.
I focused on my work because I have to do my daily work. It's my fashion and I was busy creating a logo for one of my clients. After about an hour of work, I showed the client. My work was completed in a very simple way.


      Symphony click:  Gladiolas Location : At my garden, Belkuchi, Sirajganj. 7MJM+FJ Belkuchi


Read News Paper

I read the newspaper almost every day because it contains all the news of the country. I read the dust, politics, magazine news a little more. As a result of reading the newspaper, I have learned a lot and am trying to know a lot.

The time is now at 12:00 o'clock I went out of the house to take a bath, take a bath and go to pray and after the prayers came and sat down to eat. Today many delicious dishes have been cooked, including my favorite food.

  • Small fish in the river
  • Semai
    The whole family got together and finished lunch and after eating I took a little rest.

Symphony click: Human Photo Location : At my garden, Belkuchi, Sirajganj. 7MJM+FJ Belkuchi

In the afternoon I went out to travel with friends. We enjoyed the environment around our area. All the friends together and all the fun tips and what to do to make life better. I asked you to talk about the future plans of any friend. In fact, it is much better to think about life. At the end of the day I came home again. Anyway, today was a great day for me, all in all it was like to enjoy. When I came home, I sat down to write this post. I don't do much writing work and I had to spend a lot of time to write this post.

I would like to mention all the steem team members @steamcurator01 @steamcurator07 @steamcurator03

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