THE DIARY GAME : 09/08/2020

2년 전


Greetings to all Steemit's friends, admins, technicians
Hope all the members of steemit, all are well, Alhamdulillah: I'm fine too

I didn't want to wake up this morning, I felt like my eyes were full of sleep and sleep, I woke up with a lot of trouble and the morning started, I woke up at 9:13 in the morning. I got up immediately and brushed, Ready, started this morning after eating malt


After eating Malta, I told my mother to give me rice. I ate breakfast rice this morning.

  1. White rice
  2. Mashed potatoes
  3. Patal Bhaji
    After eating and putting on my pants and shirt, I got ready and left the house. I came out a little ahead, walked a kilometer, came to the terminal and had a drink, opened the shop,


swept in front of the shop, washed my hands and feet with water After a while, I put the shop back in the shop, rubbed the backpacks with a series of paper, cleaned the rubbish, finished the work, I was so tired today because of the hot sun, so I closed the shop at 1:10 am and left. I went, I went to bed like that, I felt very tired because of this, I watched funny videos on Facebook while lying down, and I talked to my friends on messenger,


it was 3 o'clock while talking like this, then I got up, took off my clothes and went to take a bath with lungi towel. Mom let me eat, it was noon today

  1. White rice
  2. Beef
  3. Fry karla potatoes
  4. Fry the clothes
    After eating, doing a little best, wearing T-shirt and pants, I left the house at 4:10 am, came to the shop about 1 km away, got down, opened the shop, sat in the shop and started reading Humayun Ahmed's Cinnamon Island novel,



suddenly a fan of the shop It was ruined, so I fixed the fan, set it properly, it was late in the afternoon to do these things, the shop was busy, my cousin came to the shop in the evening, I talked to him while sitting in the shop, he left, my customer pressure I grew up and couldn't give time to anyone, when it was 10 o'clock in the morning I didn't get bored, I closed the shop and went home, I went home and sat down to eat fresh, I had white rice, beef, eggs at night, I sat down to watch TV, I saw Barcelona champion yesterday Messi won the league with his skill, Messi


scored a great goal yesterday, to see, to see, to steak on the steemit, to post, to lie down

Steemit Many thanks to @toufiq777 for inviting me

I wish everyone well

Many thanks to everyone

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Really good writing

Good job carry on

Thanks for sharing your diary with us,

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