I try as best I can to avoid finished products and flavor enhancers. Did you know ...

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... that conventional vegetable broth from the supermarket contains 3.5% vegetables? in organic products a few make it to a maximum of 20%! most of it is salt, sugar, flavorings, yeast extract, flavor enhancers, and seasoning. terrifying ...

For this reason I make my broth, sauce powder and salad herbs - mix myself.
I use vegetable scraps here, e.g. the stalk of broccoli, carrot greens, the leaves of kohlrabi, or overripe vegetables. in summer i take the herbs out of my bed.

it doesn't cost me anything
I have almost no organic waste i know what's inside and in terms of taste it cannot be compared.


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That's fantastic, could you give me something? 😁


Aha of course :)