Made some Akara (Bean pancakes) for breakfast. It’s usually eaten with some kind ...

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... of cornmeal but I find them filling on their own. It’s a west African delicacy but it’s also eaten in Brazil where it’s known as Acarajé.


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they look amazing...👌🏻


Super delicious 😋

Woah what’s the recipe my guy?


Beans, onions, peppers, chilli, stock, and optional eggs

Mmmm, looks delicious 😋


It’s almost healthy too 😂

at first i thought it was luncheon meat like a breakfast food paired with rice. but then you said it's a bean cake.. i love beans so surely am gonna love this too.. i guess it taste like 'hopia' we call here . have a lovely Sunday


Never heard of hopia but if it tastes anything like Akara, I’ll love it :)

I love Akara. 🤭😭


One of my favourite 😂


I honestly think, Beans is the best food God made. It makes sense in all forms and combos😅

👍looks delicious, with a lot of proteins😊


I always end up overeating 😂

1st time seeing ......but looking delicious 😋