A Post Of Being Grateful I would like to thank a lot of active people here on APPICS ...

3개월 전

... especially my partner and mentor @fycee. I have seen my post on the HOT page or it was being featured for such a long time. Fycee informed me that posts being featured there usually only last for 2-4 hours. The leaders of the platform most of the time only for 24 hours.

I have counted the time and it's already getting near 24 hours at the time of posting this photo.

It was indeed a warm welcome and I will tell everyone who I will meet here especially my fellow newbies that their efforts will not be put into waste.

I am just simply following whatever my mentor is telling me and afterwards I will be on my own.

I am grateful that leaders have even taken their time to welcome me:

and the APPICS main account itself.


to give me an upvote.

My first ever post reached $85.
30 helpful individuals dropped by and greeted me with their warmest welcome.
And a lot of people have followed me. 20 of them.

Here are my plans:

  1. I will join the #smileyappics this week.
  2. I will post my first song-cover
  3. I will join the #kidsofappics contest.

And continue to visit my fellow newbies here too.

See you on my next post. follow me @adrian.soldier here.

PS: Thanks to all newcomer-support team who let this all happened.


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Welcome to APPICS ✨


Thank you Europe

You are very welcome 😊 I was happy to upvote you and also as Ambassador to welcome you from the newcomer-northam account! Keep up the great work, you have an awesome mentor and partner for life! Looking forward to your posts planned for this week, best of luck to you on Appics!!


I'll definitely keep up with the plans I made for this week. As an ambassador you are doing a good job indeed. And I know the feeling of other people that you also welcome and making their posts more meaningful because of the comments you post. It's not only because of the upvote people will make them happy but letting them feel that their efforts are acknowledged too.


So true my friend 👍❤️ thanks for your kind words!


You're absolutely welcome.

Wow, amazing writing. Thanks for posting on Appics


I enjoy it a lot here. So many nice people.

belated welcome🤩nice plan💯


Hello mam. Thank you for the greetings. I will keep up with it since I know you are one of the ones who initiated it.

wow firstg song cover ? amazing ,😊👏


I will do that. Wait for it hehehe 😉 thank you for checking me out.


are those ice-cream for me?

You are so cute together! What a beautiful post. Welcome once again Adrian and looking forward to more of your content!


Thank you. And you are so beautiful yourself. As one of the leaders of the platform, you are really trying to welcome new members. This is really a nice community. I will be a oart of its success by always doing the right thing and support other members.


That’s great 🙏🏼 thanks for being part of our movement!


I will prove to the newcomers that the leaders here are supoortive.

So glad to hear you like it! 😊 Great photo of you two 🙌🏼


Yes and i will be here a living proof to the newcomers of the leaders support. All they have to do is just stay active.

It's amazing to see a user write a gratitude post! It's never happened before on Appics.. so we are indeed very grateful & happy to see you here! Looking forward to your posts and Active participation in Community contests..


Really? Thank you sir for letting me know. Now i will tell my co-newcomers to be grateful to the initial support given to us but ofcourse it must really come from their hearts to be thankful at least.

just got off from work. Nice one 👍 ❤️💞 😘😍


❤️ ❤️ ❤️