Target Shooting is a skill that we should also need to master being a soldier. I'm ...

2개월 전

... not promoting any violence or hate here just because I'm holding a gun but to show all of you what we are capable of. I am here on APPICS to enjoy the platform with everyone I need here.

Thank you to all who appreciated my songcover. I'm still trying other songs and also something new to me, to do rap!

I am motivated to do this because of the two friends I talked to. They know who they are. The best rappers for me.


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Fabulous shot! Practice makes perfect when it counts the most!!


Hello. Yes we started with a bow and arrow first. If we cannot hit the target then we are not yet allowed to use the rifle to start shooting. Good morning to you.


Awesome, and makes a lot of sense!

Nice shot! Hahahaha what were you aiming for here?


A big lump of soil only hahaha

Take care of the gun!

Wow, what a view. Thanks for posting on Appics


Thank you mam/sir

It's a very responsible duty to have a gun in your hand & protect people! Love this pic..


Thank you sir. This is just for guarding the base. If we are mingling with people, our unit don't require us to bring a rifle. Salute to you sir for this message.