SmileyAppics: Being One With Nature With A Smile. Kinda conscious about capturing ...

2개월 전

... the good frame of the flower, my smile isn't the best but I was was able to feel the wonderful presence and let my eyes feast with the extremely fascinating colors of nature as the flowers beautify it.

This realization triggers the depths of our minds that sooner or later our bodies will become part of the nature itself.

Being one where we originated and would end is a nice feeling to just enjoy it.

Let's all enjoy the rest of the weekend and have fun. Let's not stress ourselves much with what's going on.

Spreading vibrant colors and good vibes to everyone here who would pass by my post.

Salute to all frontliners like me!


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Where did you copy and paste those words, sentences and paragraphs? I thought you were busy doing your laundry earlier? I love the colors compared to the all-white earlier?


Wala ka talaga bilib sa akin hehehe sabi mo "be resourceful diba"?

ang ganda naman po


Awesome nature snap and beautiful smile Best of luck in the challenge!😍


Thank you very much for always being there.

Friends with nature... Super and good luck for this week 🍀

Good luck boss!😊