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Hang in there my friend 👍🙏 Stay Safe Stay Positive you will be home soon!


Thank you for the kind words. It lessens the burden.

Yes my mighty soldier I will pray for you. Basta paramdam ka kahit twice a week lang ok na ako non. Take care 😘


Yes po. Cgi na matulog na ako. Dugay kaayo pakadto toh. Goodmornyt!

Don't think too much, not worth it, just keep looking forward positive 💯🤟

dont think tooo muchh sir! everything will be ok! Keep safe and may God bless you all 🙏

It makes a strong character to show himself struggling. But it gives a chance for encouragement. You look exhausted, I say thats normal. I wish you keep up your hope and strength.

You've got this. Stay strong


Thank you for the encouragement