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APPICS presents: The Latest News About The Economy, Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin (Also For Beginners) & More!

TOPICS of today’s episode:
🔸Youtube shadow banning Bitcoin related content!😱🚷 (it's time for decentralised alternative platforms)
🔸APPICS Highlights 🔥
🔸Bitcoin Exchange Bittrex Global planning to launch their own platform based cryptocurrency🔎
🔸Will the price drop before the Halving?
🔸Billionaire Michael Novogratz bullish on Bitcoin "Many Hedgefunds are now buying BTC and the train of insitutionalization is already taking off"🚀

🎥 @danielschmunk


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I have seen my family, friends and relatives, a majority of them being farmers struggling financially because of no proper planning and goal setting for the future and seen them struggling to the uncertainties. Times like this make them more vulnerable. Kids from the rich families never get an opportunity to watch such things. I'm fortunate to have seen this things very closely.

We were into absolute poverty during 1990s. My family got nothing in hierarchy from their ancestors. So father and mother have started from a big zero. Today we own 5 acres of land and are finally independent. My father always thought we should get the right education and exposure from the beginning. Since Indian farmers contribute to only 15% of country's GDP, there is little or no investment in this sector. So it was widely prevalent that rich landlords and middle men exploited farmers from ages. My father too brought loans with interest rate as high as 30% from landlords and crop merchants to ensure we get right education and opportunities.

After completing 12th standard, I have took education loan of 12000$ to complete my graduation. Today I make stable income of around 1000$ after 2 years of experience. I'm enjoying fruits of my parents hard work. So I have opened an account for my parents exclusively and started putting a part of my earnings in it every month for their retirement. I have successfully completed repaying 60% of my education loan.

There is this famous saying "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" . My father always believed in teaching rather than giving a fish because of which me and my brother are in decent position today.

My job profile has made very dynamic and I developed this habit of goal setting. The end goal for me is to be self-reliant and to be happy with my family. That's all. There may be list of other small goals which may drive me there.

I have written a blog on how to build a sustainable model to achieve dreams in steps. There is no shortcut and it follows a definite procedure and takes time. I believe in Slow and steady Wins.

Now coming to the question of why I have joined Appics. I have started looking at some of the projects on Steemit since last 2 years and I have lost trust on most of them as there were no constant updates or physical appearance of the platform. That's the reason I have been inactive for a while and seriously started thinking about it. Most of them seen to be talking on shit coins but there is no concept or model behind it. Appics ticked all my boxes. Not everyone is a good writer, hence lot of people here in Steemit end up copying content or involve in some other things thinking to get rich quick. But Appics is completely different. It can have a wide range of audience. Anyone who clicks good memories or science or fun can publish their work here. They need not be an extraordinary writer. As this platform has potential to be on exponential track with quick user engagement and wide range of audience across the globe, I believe this project has a bright future and when trust is gained with constant updates and effective feedback implementation, definitely people will like it. So as soon as I got to know about this project, I have Immediately started using it.

Started following Appics YouTube channel and has liked the video. Content seems interesting

Place where time is invested can always grow. Because time is as good as money. If not money atleast friends and friends are gold too.

Keep spreading love!!



Keep spreading the love and support. Thank you for doing this.


Absolutely. I love being here!!

ICO/IEO. I understand these tools, although in the land of wild west, these tools were used a lot to scam the ignorant traders and investors. I never invest in ICO/IEOs to be honest. I tend to invest only based on solid business case and execution plan; Most of the companies (and coins) dont have these; Making investing more like gambling. That said: I think its cool these tools are available; I just wished they would only be used by those who really use them in honesty. This whole wild west we are in, in crypto space and the enormous amounts of ignorant people it attracts who loose most to all their money, is likely the reason why crypto based videos are kinda surprised. Is this censorship to keep information hidden from the public, or is this helping to try and prevent the ignorant to not waste their money on all sort of scams going around in crypto space? I do want to see more use of censor resistant services, but at the same time I do want to see these services to bring a 360 degree view to the people.

Follow our APPICS YouTube Channel

??? I follow you on Appics! Isn't this more important?

Thanks for sharing that information ! And also thanks for sharing my posts

This tutorial is very informative and educative,very helpful to us all especially the new users

I already posted my comment in the same video on YT channel.

Will do it now! First one here to post a comment!

Already done other steps! I joined appics because my passion is being rewarded! @aslom-latif

Hello there! Already subscribed and liked since the video was out...looking forward to my juicy vote!lol!

Done with the task

Done on youtube. Firstly i can know this community to my friend this. And i have increased my passion on this site. When i saw this, and loving so much to this community. For this reason i have joined in this APPICS community. My user name is @shahinalom1

It is just such an easy way to share and view content from passionate creators! @yuriks2000

Very informative and educative,thank you so much for this tutorial,it will aid new appic users

this video have not been uploded to youtube yet...


I thought at first. Check the latest video sir.

Waiting to be posted on YouTube!

Your contents, tutorial and support are alway helpful for us . Keep going

Thanks for sharing that information.All time support APPICS...

Thanks for sharing

APPICS enables all users to earn a fair share of the overall revenue, as well as creative influence within the network, through our reward-token "APX". This is basically why I joined appics cos I get to create contents and at same time get rewards for then while also adding value to others from my content unlike other social media apps especially Instagram

It's been a nice opportunity to be a part of this and I'm so grateful to the minds behind these platform and I hope you continue adding contents to improve lifestyles and all. Thanks again Appics 🙂🙂 @Appics my username is @stalonz 🙌🙌🙌

Done, subscribing. I love Appics!

So exited , we will support and than k you for sharing.

Following,Like and Comment (why i have joined in APPICS) done and also shared my username @secretman02 there ❤ go ahead APPICS 🔥🔥

Awesome post and great job @umaofficial , I totally agree that the future is in the hands of decentralized platforms! on my way to check out your posting on YouTube well done! Go Team Appics!! 😉🆙👍
EDIT IN: I have always subscribed to your Chanel on YouTube and have notifications turned on but don't get notified lol! Anyways I just liked your latest video posting there and always love your videos! I also love how friendly and family oriented Appics is, the App is easy to use and I love that you guys stay in touch with the Appics members, and post often keeping us up to date plus are always working to improve the platform! I also love how fast we can earn Apx Crypto and keeping it Staked/ Powered up, giving us more influence on the platform faster, also the fact that we can move up and become Ambassadors is pretty cool! Go Appics @appics To The Moon!

thank you guys so much for sharing my post!

Great Video 💚🍀

Amazing guys ! I will definitely participate. Any news to a real @appics update? It has been month and I am eager 😉

I have subscribed to YT and like it, my existence in Appics is very sure that Appics in the future will be a strong counter to Istragram Facebook, and able to bring people towards following changes in the blockchain era. And also Appics is the future of blockchain without deception. MY Name Appics Accont @suheri