⏰ LIVE WORKOUT with WIL starts in 30 minutes! ⏰ Join the live workout with @wil ...

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... .metcalfe on the Actifit YouTube channel or on their discord server.

Here are the exact times for the live workouts over the next month:
❗️Workout with @soldier:
Monday & Wednesday & Friday: 10am UTC / 05am ET / 02am PST / 3:30pm IST / 7pm KST

❗️Training with @wil.metcalfe:
Tuesday & Thursday & Saturday: 6pm UTC / 01pm ET / 10am PST / 11:30pm IST / 03am KST

➡️ Can’t make it live?
No problem, you can watch the replay on the Actifit 3speak channel!
You can also catch up on yesterday’s workout with @soldier over there.

Let us know how you liked the workouts so far and get ready for more fun live workout sessions this week! 💪


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already joined 🥰

Stay fit and have fun guys!🥰🤙💪

Why the video is blocked in United Kingdom? Wanted to watch soldiers video and couldn't.

Hello appics. I make a Appics Intro and upload on appics. Please check the intro. I think you will like it.