The pain of motherhood as seen from my eyes, Nine good months of swollen belly, The ...

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... craving and the change in shape,
Oh my husband, I need some rubbing,
Desire to become a damsel again,
After the baby is finally here.

The pain of a just married sister,
Months have turned to years yet no product,
The in-laws breathing down your neck,
Fear your husband may bring home a baby anytime,
Living in agony, anxiety yet with a smile as mask,
Will the pain ever become a gain, only time will tell.

The pain of a young lady,
Growing up without a father figure around,
Beaten and battered at the slightest provocation,
By her step-dad who was supposed to fill her heart with love,
One day she decided not to take it anymore and run,
Only to fall in the wrong hands and watch her dignity shattered like a broken calabash.

They do say no pain, no gain,
Where is the gain if the pain becomes unbearable?
What is this life if females go through a lot yet no one seems to care?
Will the pain make us stronger or weaker?
Mother earth must be tired of soaking up our tears and blood,
Till we become better than we used to be, we are females and stronger than the weakness the world portray.


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