There are two types of people in Pakistan with great satisfaction - poor and rich ...

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... Those in the middle are the "middle class", the right fleet is drowning. They look almost rich with maintenance, but the situation is that there are fights every day because of how the ghee ended so quickly.
We have two classes: the rich and the poor.
The rich are hated because they have money and the poor are pitiful because they have no money.
Pakistan's budget is also made keeping these two classes in mind. The government also keeps an eye on these two classes.
The sandwich that is made in the middle is poor middle class. Rich people consider it poor and poor people consider it rich.

  • Who is this middle class? *
  • He seems to have everything rich but second hand.
  • He has a relatively good house but for rent.
  • The car is but twenty years old.
  • The house has AC but usually the air cooler is running.
  • Clothes are clean but have been around for many years.
  • The house has a UPS but its battery usually lasts only half an hour.
  • He also has a good mobile but used.
  • Thin broth chicken is made in his house every week.
  • When he takes his children for a walk in the park, he usually leaves the house after eating well.
  • He has an ATM card, but never need to withdraw more than five hundred thousand, nor the courage.
  • It works day and night to create a business plan that costs nothing.
  • Its car does great cooling only in winter.
    "Whenever he goes to a fast food restaurant with his wife and children, he orders three meals for a whole family of six.
  • Relatives of the rich often come to ask for a loan from him or at least expect gifts.
  • It lives only 20% higher than its time trying to live a pistachio.
  • In fact, it is living worse than the poor.
  • His whole life is spent in setting up and spending committees.
    There are more middle class people in Pakistan than rich and poor but they are not counted in any account. We have every servant who has a lot of money or not at all.
    The one who has money swells in AC.
    Anyone who doesn't have one can sleep on a sidewalk.
    The rich man does not ask for anything from anyone and the poor man stands in front of everyone with outstretched arms.
    The friction seems to be with the one who has the money but is only able to make ends meet.
    The majority of the poor are being raised by these * middle classes *. Sometimes it seems that even the greatest fear of God is found in this middle class.
    This is the class that does the most charity. Sometimes their own life is going worse than the poor, but because of ego, these poor people do not tell anyone.
    You have never heard of the term Lower Elite Class or Upper Elite Class.
    The lower is not poor or the upper is not poor, only the words of the lower middle class or upper middle class are heard.
    There is not much difference between the lower and the upper. The lower one has a motorbike and the upper one has an old model car.
  • Even if they cannot afford to sacrifice on Eid-ul-Adha, they contribute to a camel or a cow.
  • He spends his whole life making plans to turn off the extra lights and reduce bills.
    , * They also use the 100 rupee card in their mobiles with utmost care and inform the family that if I give a missed call, it means I am coming. Giving two missed calls means I'm a little late.
  • These one-day ironed clothes run for two days.
  • They check the electricity meter readings every two hours to clear the suspicion.
  • They are never able to pay all the electricity, gas and water bills together in one month, so if they pay the electricity bill, they put the gas bill on the next month.
  • Since most of them are literate, they do not reach out to anyone.
  • They do not have money to marry daughters.
  • A good job is not recommended for children.
  • Even so, when they see someone in pain, they themselves become immortal.
  • Since her poor aunt who works in the house also works in various other houses, she manages to collect four to five months' ration from each house in Ramadan in the name of ration, including about fifty kilos of flour. But the "middle class" worries that the 15-day ration they brought to their home is about to run out and there are still days left to receive their salaries.
    Zakat goes to the poor.
    Even the poor take money for charity.
    Fitrana is also the fate of the poor.
    But the poor are not willing to do anything because they have decided that because they are poor, they do not have to work hard and everyone else should get it together.
    Beggars are the only class that never begs.
    If you offer to put a beggar to work, you know better what will be heard in the future.
    But what does the middle class do?
    It does not ask for Zakat.
    Not fitrah
    No charity
    It just stings, it can sob
    And dies ..


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