How are your prejudices? ¿Cómo están tus prejuicios? ¿Nos adelantamos a juzgar y ...

5개월 전

... señalar con la primera impresión ?


Do we get ahead of time to judge and point with the first impression?


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No for me the first impression doesn't matter.
You should be able to understand the situation also.
And use diplomacy before judging ❤️💯


I agree with you my friend ...😘


Yup, by the way looking stunning 😍❤️😘

Ohhhh Sh!t!!!!! Love the performance...... sexy too😎


Thank you dear!!! ❤️



Thank you 🤗


Gracias! Me gusta que te guste.

You look so sexy you look so hot anyone who sees you will crush 😇😍


Oh! Thank you 🤩😘

oohhhh i love this fierceness ❤❤❤


I was enjoying too

Estan a tope