Grow log #15 Trichomes Post


My first Trichome post! These succulent orbs of THC belong to my Alien Ring Popz from lion den genetics.

bw 1.jpg

Somehow, as if through the work of some sort of voodoo mama juju, this plant miraculously manages to consistently blow my freaking mind around every single corner of this grow with just her very existence!

bw 2.jpg

Today feels really fucking good! Whachu smoking on? 🤔

bw 4.jpg

Hah! I actually still don't know wtf I'm smoking on... This is my mainline - only known as #FF3 - it was a fast-flowering photoperiod tester I did for fastbuds genetics. The genetics of this strain are still yet to be revealed. 🤫

This strain is great for a social setting (fuck you, COVID). It helps me think creatively and cools the tits of that bitch they call social anxiety. I can tell you it makes me chatty af.... I think I just sent about 7 voice messages out immediately upon finishing my bowl! 🤣

bw 5.jpg

bw 7.jpg

Day: 43 into flowering
Light: Mars Hydro TSL2000 LED
Tent: 2x4x8 Gorilla tent
Bucket: 8 Gallon current culture solo bucket
Nutrients: Cultured solutions line

Stay trippy! Stay happy!

#nugporn #nugs #trichomes

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