First time I'll ever express my love for you momma. You've been a guide to me and ...

10개월 전

... God has used you to avoid troubles for my future. No matter what it is, you are different in your ways mama. Accept this token from me as a way of saying thank you for enduring the pains. Thank you for not think of terminating me. In troubles time, yet you could still struggle to sell stuffs, lived in isolation cos of us. It's really disheartening how those time subsided but it's a great joy for me seeing the look in your face mum. Can't see those tears again. I could remember how you wouldn't sleep but fanning us because heat was too much. Don't ever think I didn't know all of these. I remember everything. Every rules we had you broken for our sake, every pain we made you passed through so that we could be someone are here to appreciate you for all the risks you've taken. You are loved mum. May God console those who don't have one anymore. Happy mother's day.


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