[kr-food] Kum-tit-heo, vietnamese fried rice with pork and onion. #에머이 껌팃헤오라는 불향 ...

15일 전

... 돼지고기+양파크러스트를 얹은 볶음밥이다. 향이 좀 특이해서 동남아스탈 잘 못드시는분한테는 비추하지만, 짭조름하니 여행기분도 내기 좋은 메뉴였음.


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궁금한 맛 입니다. ^^ 새해 더 맛있는 음식 드세요.


넵 새해 복 많이 받으세요!!

Do you call the rice type basmati? Cos thats what its called here.


oh. i didn't no that. we call it just Vietnamese-type fried rice, or Kumtitheo.


Its the grain type im asking about. Its also called fried rice here 😁


ㅋㅋㅋㅋ y ummy

Sounds yummy 🤤


yummy yummy

We love this from Greece woow! Nice job