[kr-coin] ETH is going to the moon. 1000달러도 싸다고 하며 샀던 기억이 있는데 한참 어둠속에 있다가 다시 가고 있네요. ...

13일 전

... 스팀은 여전히 빌빌대는데 참 안쓰럽군요. 다들 월요팅 하세염


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🚀 it's skyrocketing!


yeah. hope steem will follow soon!

Alhamdulillah (praise to be Allah) I wish the ETH, BTC, Steem all go to the moon 😋


yeah. i wish too :)


Are you Korean?

wow!!! what a candle


Voting for you already! hoping you can follow me and vote for me!Thank you very much.LOLLL


thanks! I follow you back! have a nice day