[kr-food] Home-made breakfast with ricotta cheese salad, hash brown potato, fries ...

7일 전

... egg, bacon, and hand-dripped coffee. The coffee is Ethiopia Coquet Honey, having nice sweet flavor and a bit sour taste. 주말의 여유로운 아침식단. 커피는 새로 산 원두, 에티오피아 코케허니에요. 단맛에 강점이 있고 산미가 좋고 밸런스가 좋은 원두에요. 드립에 잘 어울리고, 에스프레소도 괜찮답니다. Happy sunday!! 🙋‍♂️


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thank you

a very appetizing food menu. extraordinary. my regards @whalewinners


thank you. be a happy week!

  ·  7일 전

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당신이 찍은 사진을 너무 좋아해요. 당신이 찍은 사진을 보면 당신이 정말 품위가 있어요.주말을 잘 보내세요!하하


좋은 한주 되세요!

It looks so delicious, if it is because you always have to eat the same thing. Greetings friend! It looks very delicious.


it was so delicious! thanks for visiting :)

Now I'm hungry, thanks for sharing this :) My breakfast won't look so nice I think :(


I agree... lol... I'm hungry now also.

The meal looks so Good.