Thank you for your honorable fights and services. This is words from Yonghyun Kim. ...

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... He had fighted against dictatorship and injustices in modern history of Korea, and made a significant contribution in establishing democracy in Korea. Due to aftereffects of tortue, he got brain hemorrhage and disabilities. When a PD asked him the reason why he had such a hard life, and he answered that it was a matter of course as a human being. 용현, 요한, 씨돌 이라는 이름으로 항상 자신을 던지는 삶을 살아오신 참운동권 김용현님의 글씨. 왜 이렇게 힘든 삶을 살아오신거냐는 질문에 인간으로서 당연한 일이라고 대답하셨다.


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