A LEANING CANTEEN The Oberhafenkantine is a small, listed building in Hamburg that ...

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... operates a restaurant. The rooms are clearly sloping.

In Hamburg, the Oberhafenkantine is one of the few coffee hatches still in existence.
It has a 3 × 7.5 meter small area on the ground floor and a tower-like stacked floor that originally served as a storage room.

Since the building is located directly on the quay edge of the Oberhafen, it has been severely undermined by both the regular tides and storm surges, sagging over time and sloping.
You get served with a 8’7* incline. Funny but cool 😎!! I sometimes love to go there and get a fresh bier and a local Traditional, hearty home cooking sandwiches, meatballs, stew and potato salad.


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Yes it is definitely 🤩✨👌🏿🙏🏿