👻HALLOWEEN AT WORK 👻 This was in Lviv ( Ukraine 🇺🇦), We had a very funny H ...


... alloween at work with all employees and guests in our store. 👻👻👻👻

For the record ....Why & When is Halloween celebrated? The Celtic festival "Samhain" is celebrated on October 31st, the evening before All Saints Day.
On the night of November 1st, the Celts celebrated the end of summer and the harvest, but also the beginning of the cold, dark season, which was also associated with death.

Join the #halloween challenge!!! Still more fees days 👻👻👻👻👀🎃💀


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My pleasure 🤩🙏🏿👻☠️💀

Cool facts and I love your Halloween video!!🥰🎃👹👻


👻💀👻!!!!‘ Thank you 🙏🏿

Enjoy this halloween moment everywhere


Yeah.... we did 🙏🏿🤩

Nice post. Good Luck!


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OMG....Looks very scary 😱


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