One of my favorite tracks and video for the late legend @mfdoom “All Caps,” where ...


... all samples obscure music from ’70s crime show episodes, including Ironside, to create the perfect backdrop for MF DOOM’s idiosyncratic imagination.

The end result plays on the atmospheres of graphic novels, pulp fiction and ’50s thrillers, accompanied by a memorable animated video, telling the story of the origins of the MF DOOM persona, with the character himself bursting through a series of comic book panels.

Def one of the many HipHop legends that his art, music and style will live on to inspire many generations to come 🙏🎧💯


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That's awesomeness bro , cant wait to hear this that sounds like a great sounds bro. 🎶🍻

Nice work! You are the artist! I am the consumer! Haha 😂😂🐈🐈😻