Hello appics family This is my third entry in the smileyappics challenge. As I ...

3개월 전

... already told you guys in my first entry i got inspired by @theweirdingway

About photo art,nft on areaX.
I made this 1 for him. Inspiration work 🤟💯😉
@theweirdingway somking 🚬

He made those photo art and I wanted to learn this.
AreaXnft group another platform dwelling in tel🟣s blockchain.
I also put some of my creations there and the community appreciates it very much.
Thanks @theweirdingway
For being supportive. 🙏💯💥


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This is great I’m sure he will love it when he sees it. Nice job. Be inspiration ✨✈️✨


Thank you 😊❤️


Hehe thanks my friend 💯❤️🤗