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You fly, you fall, you fear and hope, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Stay active and get up again if you fall. Keep practicing until you have managed to achieve your goal. What makes us practice something for so long or develop further? For me it's an interest in the thing. You don't have to force, bribe or seduce me, it comes from me because I do what I want to do and love. If the act itself is your inspiration, you will stay active, creative, and happy as long as you live. Intrinsic motivation gives you limitless inspiration. What is your intrinsic motivation and source of limitless inspiration? @smileaappics


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Thanks :) What do you du with intrinsic motivation and endless inspiration?

Wow, the perfect Shot, the right Moment.💯


Oh yes, the timing was very good :) I'm thankfull for having this picture, hope you feel with me and recognize the beauty in this instant moment.