Hi guys,

9개월 전

I'm Pad, a skateboard freestyler who tries to create the best show next to various artists on stage. Sometimes people ask me how I come up with such innovative tricks and what is the secret of my inspiration. But the answer is very simple, despite its profundity. My inspiration comes from my love for what I do. (intrinsic motivation) If you love what you do, you will enter into much deeper connections with it, practice longer and more intensely on yourself without lacking strength, energy, endurance, inspiration, motivation or meaningfulness. It's fun, it's just easy, comes from you and goes back to you. In Germany there is the word "r e i c h" it means rich. "r e" means back and "i c h" means me. So being rich is when you do something that flows back to you. So do what you love, what flows back to you, even if it is something everyday like communicating. The more intrinsic your motivation, the greater your inspiration and the more resistant you are to resistance, defeat and setbacks. For me it's skateboarding, what is it for you?


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